In Command - An Aunare Chronicles Novella (eBook)

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“I adored this novella so much! Amihanna and Lorne own a part of my heart and I fell for them even harder.”Book Echo

From USA Today Bestselling Author Aileen Erin comes the third book in the now complete Aunare Chronicle.

An Aunare Chronicles Novella*
Amihanna di Aetes is used to fighting, surviving, and relying on her strength to get through the hard times. She thought the worst was over when she accepted her engagement to Lorne ni Taure, the High King of the Aunare, and claimed her place as the future High Queen.

It should be easy to slide into her new role. How hard can it be living in luxury with your soulmate after growing up alone on the streets?

But the more she learns about the Aunare and their politics, the more she realizes that the true test of her strength is just beginning.

Amihanna di Aetes is in for the battle of her life if she wants the Aunare to accept her reign.
*In Command is a 65K novel, but at less than half of the size of the rest of the doorstop books in the series, it reads like a novella. It takes place between Off Balance and On Mission (Book 2.5 of the Aunare Chronicles). The series can be enjoyed without reading this story, but you can’t enjoy this story without reading the series.

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In Command - An Aunare Chronicles Novella

Publication Date
February 23, 2021
Ink Monster, LLC
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In Command - An Aunare Chronicles Novella (eBook)

0 ratings
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